The Spot GPS Messenger (Gen2)

Spot Gen2 GPS Messenger

I went by our local West Marine store and grabbed the last Gen2 Spot GPS Messenger they had.  It was discounted at $89.  Not bad.

Spot had some initial problems with some units not meeting battery performance and messaging standards and issued a recall.  I made sure this particular unit wasn’t part of that batch.

I looked at the new Spot Gen3.  It has a lot of nice improvements over previous models but I didn’t like the external USB port on the back- a place where water can get inside and cause all sorts of problems.  The User Manual makes a point of mentioning that the new Spot isn’t waterproof while using the USB connector.

Jim will carry the DeLorme InReach for Smartphone Satellite Communicator.  His buddies got that for him as a retirement present.  Sweet!

I think having redundancy here is a good thing.

DeLorme InReach

– Marc


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