Updated Hurricane Outlook

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scaled back its Atlantic hurricane season forecast today saying they expect between 6-8 hurricanes. That’s down from the 7-11 hurricanes mentioned in the May outlook report.

While this is a bit of good news for our trip, we’re still reminded that NOAA predicts this hurricane season to have a 70% chance of being “above normal”.

Jim and I plan on monitoring the Atlantic weather activity all during October to determine which days will provide us an optimal start.

Keep your fingers crossed….



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One Response to Updated Hurricane Outlook

  1. Warren says:

    Make two evac plans. One for staying ashore to wait one out and another for total escape. Gotta remember that you’ll be averaging 2-3 mph and getting out of the Big Bend area at that speed would be difficult if you didn’t start out at the first alert. For the total escape, plan for someone to come grab you and your gear.

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